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What is the address for Seacoast Condo ?

5151 – 5161 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33140


When was Seacoast Towers Miami Beach constructed ?



How many condominium units does Seacoast Miami Beach have?

All together including the 5151 Collins Avenue and 5161 Collins Avenue address, Seacoast has 444 units. These include the traditional apartments as well as the Rotundas and Penthouses.


How many floors does Seacoast have?

Seacoast has 17 stories + the Penthouse floor.


Who was the architect of Seacoast ?

Morris Lapidus 


What were the Seacoast Condominium recent renovations ? 

All Lobbies were re-designed, Common areas have been improved, Carpeting has been installed on all floors leading to the units, Landscaping has been refreshed, and exterior painting has been completed throughout.


What is the pet policy for owners and renters at Seacoast Miami Beach ?

Seacoast is a pet-friendly condo for both owners and renters.  The policy permits each residence to have no more than three (3) pets, and in no event shall such pets exceed an aggregate weight of sixty (60) pounds.


How many parking spaces are included with each unit at Seacoast Miami ?

Each residence at Seacoast comes with one assigned parking space. Valet offers the possibility of having more than one space (either assigned or with valet service included). Visitors are welcome to enjoy the valet service too if they are visiting a Seacoast Resident at one of the units.


Does Seacoast have extra parking spaces available for rent on a monthly basis?

Yes and readily available all year around. 


Is storage available at Seacoast Miami Beach ?

Yes, units are entitled to storage units and lockers on every floor which is very handy to accommodate extra luggage, beach equipment, and excess personal items that a resident does not wish to keep in their apartment.


What are the hours of operation for the gym located at Seacoast ?

Normal hours are 7am to 10pm, every day, Monday to Sunday and all Holidays !


Are there any restrictions as to when the swimming pools at Seacoast and the Beach can be used each day and/or accessed ?

The swimming pool area is open from 8am all the way to sunset every day. The beach access is open always but the chair and beach service opens in the morning but starts closing down right around 6 PM when the Beach employees start picking up everything. 

Which TV provider services Seacoast 5151 and Seacoast 5161 Miami Beach Florida ? 

High Definition Cable TV service is provided by Atlantic Broadband Communications and the condominium association is studying the possibility (currently now) of getting a new provider that can service the whole building with fiber optic technology.


Which Internet company provides their service to Seacoast ?

For now its Atlantic Broad band, but In-home wi-fi internet service is being studied to be replaced by Opticatel Communications.  This high-speed service would eventually include download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps.


How many on-site restaurants does the Seacoast Condominium have?

Seacoast has a Pantry in the building and a Tiki Bar type restaurant outside in the pool area for snacks, sandwiches, burgers, lunch dishes, drinks, and coffee during the day hours.


Which utilities are included in the Seacoast Condo association dues?

Basic cable, all water, sewer, and trash removal are included in the condominium association dues.


What are the rental restrictions for 5151 Seacoast and 5161 Seacoast ?

No lease of a unit at Biscayne Beach shall be for a term of less than one (1) month. 

In other words, units cannot be rented for periods less than 30 days. 


Can relatives and family / friends visit and stay at Seacoast Miami Beach ?

Yes, but must be registered accordingly with proper ID and information at the Management office at least 24-48 hours before arrival and registered with valet too. 



How much is the lease application fee at Seacoast ?

An application processing fee of $100 is required.  A separate $100 application fee must be paid for each additional individual over the age of 18 years old anticipated to reside in the unit (spouses excluded).


How much is the required common areas deposit for leases at Seacoast Miami Beach?

The common areas deposit at Seacoast is equal to one-month’s worth of rent.


Which utilities are included for Seacoast Miami Beach condo rentals?

The following utilities are included in the condominium association dues and, therefore, unless otherwise stated, are also included in prices quoted for rentals: basic cable, high-speed internet, water, sewer, and trash removal.

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